The Angel Project


The Angel Project is a massive multi-player online game (MMORPG), designed specifically for VR. It is designed for the Oculus Quest, but I anticipate to also have a PC version as well. The core concept is similar to Sega's Phantasy Star Online. It will feature a social lobby in which users can meet, and interact in VR. Then from there chose different experiences to go out on as, "quests". Within these quests the users will be faced with challenges, in which they have to battle through various enemies until they reach the end of the quest. Which then, they will be presented with a final enemy, or, "boss" that they will have to face.


In a world, far into the future, humans have decided for the sake of preserving the race, and exploring out into the universe, the "Angel Project" would exist. The Angel Project allows for humans, when they have become decease, to decide if they are going to continue on as a replica, or fade away. If you chose to continue onward as a replica, you are banished from the earth, to explore the stars as a member of the Interplanetary Colonial Defense Force (ICDF).

One day, as you are attending class, a terrorist attack occurs. It was uncertain who the attackers are, only that they clearly wanted to destroy the city you lived in. You are of course, now deceased. Suddenly you feel your mind is still functioning and you hear a voice say to you, "Welcome to the Angel Project, we're terribly sorry, but it appears you have passed away. Please don't panic. I think you know what this means, but we'll ask you clearly. Do you wish to continue on?"

Do you chose to join the ICDF?

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Whenever I have something interesting going on, I try to make sure I'm streaming it, so people can see the work in progress! Also it's a good way to come hang out and give feed back, or even learn a thing or two!

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We do an open to public test party once a month, in hopes to collect feedback for the game. Come join us! We'd love to hear what you think!

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5/29/2020 - 8PM Eastern US